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3D Metal Printing

You go to a print store and print which ever document you want. Imagine how it would be if you go to a shop and print whatever you want to print could be a frying pan, could be a cup, could be a vehicle’s steering, could be a wheel, could be anything of your choice. Even material is of your choice, whatever you want your thing to be made up off could be steel, iron. Imagine how it would be if you could do all these things at a single place, how easier the life would be for the consumers and for the sellers. This is actually 3D printing, and you are already at the dawn of that age.

The 3D printing was here since decenniums, but it was largely in the sect of designers and hobbyists.  And the use of materials other than plastic has been very expensive and extremely slow. So plastic was used commonly for the 3D printing.

Now a day, printing with other materials is becoming cheaper and easier making it possibly a practical way of making parts. If it is widely adopted, then it could literally change the entire sector of products mass production. By this way the manufacturers won’t need to keep large inventories, they could simply print out parts, products and objects that the customer needs. Efficient, Right?

Talking about long term, the whole factories reserved for producing a single part or object is going to be replaced with 3D printers. It would definitely increase the efficiency and makes things easier to manage. On the other hand the customers will get the comfort of getting what they want instantly. They won’t face shortages of certain products parts or object. They will get whatever they want instantly.

In 2017 the researchers have announced that they have developed a 3D printing method for creating parts out of stainless steel, with a claim of making them stronger twice the traditional ones. Not just that in the same year many companies started offering the metal 3D printing in the same year. In short in the next few years you would be able to see them everywhere, the way you find paper printers everywhere. I am still wondering exactly how that would be.

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