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5 Ways to remove Poverty Globally | Poverty Eradication Essay

Poverty Eradication Essay

Poverty reduction throughout the globe is a major challenge. Poverty can be eradicated by ameliorating job management, removing the feudal system creating an equal distribution of resources and hardworking and usage of men power.

5 ways to reduce poverty in the world

There are several tools available to assist with poverty eradication. These contain good governance, better education mechanism, creating more and more jobs and social awareness. Each country will have a different set of people who will develop their own economic and social systems. It is important to learn from others and understand what works best for their market and consumers.

Through education, poverty can be eliminated. In different countries all over the world, NGOs are working hard to cut the roots of poverty. In Pakistan, 39% population is living under the line of poverty. As compared to India it is quite high. In India, the poverty rate is 12%. The reason behind this is the education system and literacy rate.

Furthermore, women do not come out of poverty easily and so, it turns into a cycle. We live with constant reminders about how girls and boys are treated. Although it hurts, there is no way out to stop them from growing up and becoming women. According to my understanding, both of them can lead respectable lives and become successful adults, but only if there is proper support, love and guidance. Childhood is vital, and it has to become better as soon as possible. When you put yourself in the shoes of your child, you see the impact it has had on yourself. If they are able to provide you with food and shelter, then you too will be happy.

Thus, poverty may seem irrelevant if you live your childhood in fear of anything. Sadly, as children grow older their worries increase and they feel hopeless. They tend to think they can never do well enough, so they end up starving. Their parents tell them that it’s because they don’t have enough money. This might just be the case; however, in cases where money matters, poverty does not matter, it is the lifestyle. Even though people say it is impossible to break the habit of going to work and earning. That is the mindset that we are building. One of the main problems of poor people is trying to fit into a certain mould, which is very rigid.

For example, you might have read that people can be successful businessmen but some of them stay poor. You can see them struggling with their clothes to keep up, and their families to survive financially and socially and it makes them struggle in any way possible to get ahead in life. This is why this advice is crucial. If a person wants to achieve something great in his or her career, then he or she has to go through every stage of growth and development. To start off small, we have to build our skills and build our experience. Just like children, we will have to build our self-esteem and gain financial freedom.

Not getting enough sleep makes a big difference, the body requires regular exercise and activity, and we need to be consistent in our eating if we want to maintain our energy level, which would mean that we will be physically able to continue with our daily chores. Education is another factor that influences the quality and quantity of our future and so, having a strong foundation of knowledge is imperative. If we start educating kids in our community, they will have a new outlook on society and they will have a lot more opportunities in front of them. Children should also get enough rest and a stable environment to live in their minds. Having a safe environment, education and strong foundations in society will help our children to overcome the pressure that comes along with poverty. Education helps us identify good ideas to help create our futures.

In conclusion, this is a critical time and I hope to see a day when everyone can enjoy a quality life. Until then, you will always be part of my list, so until then, I am going to continue working to tackle poverty and make sure that everyone enjoys a decent quality of life.

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