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Allama Iqbal University :There should be helping assignments for the full credit hours assignments because students require help to solve those tough assignments because no guide is there provided for them.
However, solved assignments for two credit hours can be skipped as there are not so tough to be solved but there should be leverage for three hour courses. However, along with the category of the assignments will be helpful for students to find themselves there required solved assignments. This process will be helpful as well if it is update on semester basis so not every semester students have to face problems to solve their assignments. you can easily download assignments from our website you can also place a request to upload your required assignment by filling contact us form. you can also visit our youtube channel .

B.a Solved assignment spring 2020-21

what is full and half credit course :

There are half credit course and full credit courses. In half credit course you have to submit 2 assignments and full credit course consist of 4 assignments.

402-1 SPRING 2020

485.1 SPRING 2020

461-1 SPRING 2020

419-1 SPRING 2020

436-2 SPRING 2020

301-1 SPRING 2020