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College life and financial burden of student’s

Going to college should not be a financial burden for the students who are already struggling to get a bright future. However, in this current world it is now a burden for the students to get a decent degree with some decent result at the end of the year due to the increasing expenses of colleges every year. Apparently, the colleges have made students as their only source of profit rather than working as a no-profit no loss organization. However, the college expenses for the parents is now become a tough challenge as they have to pay large amount of college expenses and for their living as well. Apparently, colleges have made studies and careers of students as their source of income by putting huge amount of tuition fees burden on them and their parents leaving them under the debt from they are less likely to come out in few time. For instance, research have showed about the tuition fees of the college students they are paying more than $1000 per month which might be out of limit for some parents. Leaving those parents in dark for their children future and getting into the depression due to this corrupt system of education all around the world. However today’s world it is every parent dream to give their children the best future out of them. Apparently their dream is now in the darkest of era because of the increasing college tutions fees. Due to which students of this era is suffering from depression because of the financial issues they have to get good and their desired education. Additionally, too cover the tuition fees students get out for work which also affects their studies because they work hard and try to cover their monthly expense. Due to which many of them got lack behind in their college passing their semesters with bad grades.

First question every student has to answer their parents is “Can we afford its expenses? Is the worth to go because of the expenses? Can we apply for any financial assistance to get the fewer burdens of the expenses because paying huge amount might be difficult for us?” (Lamar Alexander). Giving my personal I did not got admission into the college which I dream for due to the financial issues which me and parents had to face. Leaving me into the depression because getting good education is every student dream and giving good education is every parent dream. I had to go through a lot and I had to run through the depression I faced after not getting into the college I dream for. Apparently, not getting into good college and looking for the college which is far less cheap than the expenses colleges cause harm to the studies due to the unprofessional teachers. My question to the high authorities is: why they have made the education as a source of income? Why students have to face a lot due to this?. Increasing college tuition fees are leaving the students into the situation where they have no other option than giving up on their education and get out for work and earn money for themselves and daily family expenses. Giving up on their dream for bright future and good education whereas, many of the other graduating with a huge amount of debt (Bernie Sanders). Many of the students try to work after their school due to which they got not enough time to study for their college work. Less attention in the lectures and participation from student’s side have been reported by the teachers. This have the main reason of the phase of depression and tension students are going through due to the increasing amount of their college expenses and tuition fees which is hardly bearable by some of the students who belong to rich background. Why education has been made so tough these days for students? Many of the students think thousand times before applying to the colleges. However, good education these days is only provided by the colleges with huge tuition fees.

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