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Zoonotic Corona virus has become a major concern for every individual because of its rapid transmission and world wide spread. Studies revealed that novel corona virus has emerged from China and spread up to 23 countries till now including Thailand, Japan, the united states, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Australia, Russia, France, South Korea, Germany, Spain, Nepal, Canada, Britain, Vietnam, Italy, India, the Philippines, Nepal, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Finland. This corona virus is believed to be a type of virus that caused MARS (middle eastern acute respiratory syndrome) and SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome). According to initial studies, the novel corona virus is originated in bats but it requires further investigations to ensure its origin and transmission to humans.

The world health organization has announced the outbreak of coronavirus as a Global emergency case. Health officials suggested that nCoV is contagious and spread via respiratory droplets (sneezing, coughing) and also with the close contact with infected person or contaminated surfaces. After incubation, it leads to the several types of infections including severe and sometimes fatal acute respiratory disorder. Infected persons more likely to develop symptoms like fever, cough, shortness of breathing, muscle aches, sore throat and chest pain that progress to pneumonia. Symptoms may appear within 2-14 days after exposure.

Statistics showed that about 14,385 cases have been recorded with the majority of cases inside the china. The death toll of china is rose to at least 305. One death is also reported in Philippine. The occurrence of infection in old aged people, children and people with poor immunity is high. Currently, there is no vaccine or treatment is available, only the medicines and other medical procedures are provided to overcome symptoms. Preventive measures can be adopted to reduce the risk of infection. Patients are kept isolated to avoid further transmission. Wearing face masks and avoiding close contact with infected persons is considered to be mandatory as a part of preventive strategies.

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