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Counseling issues for students in Pakistan

We all know that students are actually the future of any country. They have the potential to make this earth a better place. The same goes for the students of our country Pakistan. Our country is filled with a lot of genius and talented people, which literally have the potential of making a brighter future of this country. But they are facing a very serious issue of not being counseled properly for the future decisions. I myself faced the same. This thing is never taken seriously. This ends up in a confused work force, spending their entire lives in changing their professions. This topic should be taken very seriously by the parents and the educational institutions.

Our students gets admission in a certain field which their parents wish for or any other field which is most trending without listening to their heart and not caring about their own passion and interest. They start studying and after a few years they realize that this is not what they want to be. But by then they are near competition so they consider it wise to accomplish it instead of quitting. Since they were not interested in the given field they don’t learn anything because of lack of interest. They fail to make their skills in the selected field. Which ultimately leads to failure in the job market and face unemployment. They then think of switching their field, but at that time because of the responsibilities almost none of them make up with the switch. In short they remain unskilled and confused for the rest of their life.

So it should be the primary part of our education system to provide counseling to our students in the early stages so that they can make a wise decision for their future. This will really bring out the best. This is not only the duty of institutions but the duty of parents to provide counseling for their kids and not enforce their own interests on their kids. They should understand that their kids should be what their kids want to be.

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