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Geological terms

Geological terms

    • AlluviumSilt sediment carried by rivers and deposited on land to make it fertile.
    • Anti-CyctoneHigh pressure wind’s blowing outwards from the center, clockwise in the northern hemispere and anti clockwise in the southern’s hemisphere.
    • AntipodesA region on the opposite side of the earth.
    • AphelionSee physical geography
    • ArchipelagoA group of islands- example Malaysian Archioelago.
    • BasinsArea of land drained by a river.
    • CapeTerminating point of the neck of land extending into the sea.
    • BoreTidal wave which breaks in the estuaries of some rivers with great force and noise.
    • Magma-The moulten rock.
    • Igloo-Hut of snow,wherein the Eskemos Live.
    • LagoonA shallow lake formed at the mouth of a river or sea sand mound separating it.
    • OrbitThe path of the earth or other planets round the sun.
    • Zenith-The highest point in heaven
    • Volcano-An opening in the earth’s surface forming a hill from which the heated material ejects.
    • Sirocco-Wet or dry wind that blows across the Mediterranean to its northern shores.
    • OrbitThe path of the earth or other planets round the sun.

  • PlateauElevated land rising abruptly 3000 to 4000ft, above sea level.
  • Oasis-A spot in a desert made fertile by the presence of water.
  • Rain Gauage-Instrument for measuring rainfall.
  • Sounding-To determine the dept of the sea.
  • Tributary-A stream falling into another steam.
  • Mist-Water drops present in- the lower layer of the atmosphere caused by condensation of water vapours.
  • Cold waterA cold current flowing between Greenland and America.
  • Contours-Lines connecting parts of the same altitude above the sea level.
  • Biosphere-Organic life on the earth.
  • IsthmusNarrow piece of land connecting two land masses.
  • LeewardA nautical term, meaning the sheltered side of a ship-that is the opposite side to that.from which the wind is blowing.
  • IceageIt is the period when ice sheets and glaciers covered large areas of the earth.
  • IcebergA large mass of a glaciers floating in the sea..
  • HinterlandInland region from seaport.
  • HurricaneA violent gale with occasional thunder and lighting.
  • DofstarIt is the nearest star to the earth and the brightest.



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