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How To Seduce a Woman

How To Seduce a Woman

To gain someone’s attention by showing your interest in it comes in the term of seduction. Seduction is a time taking process to persuade someone that you are interested in that person. If you want to seduce someone, keep in mind that you need not hassle. Steps are given below which illustrate how to seduce someone and approach physical contact with her.

Steps To Seduce Someone

Well Dressing

Good dressing is something which hooks someone’s attention towards you. Whenever you meet with her at any place, you should have well dressed. You should not be overwhelmed in this matter of dressing.

Take shower

Use clone

Use aroma

Listen More and Attentively

While talking to her, your tone should be low and indicate some sort of seduction to her. It is important that you should listen to her more rather than telling your own success or failure stories.

Listen to her with all ears and show gestures according to conversational points like nod, smile or hand movement. Moreover, do not fold your hand in front of her. Be confident because women like confident persons who are bold and adventurous. Lean close to her showing that you are interested in her and giving respect to her.

Use Aroma

You should gently use some aroma to create a sound environment. It may help to boost the environment, elevates mood, enhances personality and increases confidence. If she likes aroma, it can compel her to give you compliments.

Sense of Humor

If you have the art of humour then you can seduce her in various ways of humorous by praising her and building her confidence level to reveal some sort of secret about her. In this way, you can also get to know her likes and dislikes.

Be an Admirer

You must give her some compliments during the conversation. Ask questions about her whereabouts and alma matter. Go into depth by showing your interest in her. You should respond to her according to the condition. Never be judgemental. It will coerce her into seduction and she will definitely persuade you.

Your sentences should be succinct and use effective words with a soft tone. And also maintain eye contact with her. It depicts that you are interested in her.

Establish Physical Contact

Finally, when you are in that zone (especially you are alone with her) where you think that you are able to define your point in front of her, so don’t be scared and first try to touch her on her shoulder. It will clear her imagination. Never be fast or quick to do everything (she should not feel that you are insane about sex). You should gently touch her on her back and then don’t exactly touch on waist.


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