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Human Rights

Each and everyone have their own rights to spend their life and take their own decisions.Apparently, not any of the country law has right to overcome the human rights and make any individual face any torture and cruelty in any cause. However, in many of the countries we can still observe the trend of slavery and hiring slaves even some of them face the cruelty and some of them are starve to death. Following the trends of past centuries and going against the laws for human rights treating them brutally and many of cultures are suffering from the slavery and they are not provided their legal rights. Apparently, even from the government side many of the countries are facing the human rights issues they are not provided their rights properly and different countries are try to make them sustainable and stand against the government. Additional, in some of the countries the breath taking virus of discrimination is spreading in every country people are treated as per their looks, color identity as far as discrimination is concern different cultures are promoting discrimination due which they are restricted to work properly and live peacefully. However, not a single armed forces of nations are allowed to take any individual into the prison without any reason but this can be seen in many of the countries that innocents are taken to the prison for years and years without telling them any reason.Additionally, not the peoples are even protected with the name of law or government because even the nation rulers are betraying them by not giving them their rights to live their life properly.

Moving towards the current examples happening regarding human rights are addressed by Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein a former U.N High Commissioner for Human Rights. He is currently taking actions against the abuses people are facing from the government and even some of the nations are not provided their rights properly. Palestine and Gaza people are under attacks because of the governments no seriousness and many peoples are getting under the attacks giving away their lives due to irresponsible leader who are ruling them, numbers of attacks are made on daily basis which is slowly taking the country to the state where any of the human can be found easily in the territory. Apparently, serious actions are going to be taken by U.N against the countries are offenders of human rights. Many of the leaders are becoming the reason for not providing the sustainable ground for every individual to spend their life easily. However, if they are unable to defend the human rights for the people of their nations they might leave their seats of governing them. U.N are considered to be leader for maintaining the peace in every country so many of the people are looking for their help who are not on sustainable ground and not provided their legal rights.

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