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“Is Social media regulation right or wrong”

The assembly of online correspondence channels committed to network-based information, content-sharing, collaboration and connection is known as the social media. Applications and websites which are committed microblogging, forums, social curation, social bookmarking and social networking are various sorts of social media. Social media includes sites like: Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Google+ and LinkedIn etc. And keeping an eye on all the social networking platforms by an official organization may be termed as the regulation of social media. Regulation not  just means to keep an eye but to monitor and change it accordingly where needed as social media is so popular these days and it can manipulate the minds of people and if it is used by wrong people, it could be too much disastrous if it is not regulated. Hence, the regulation of social media is vital, though it has some negative impacts too. But it is a fact that every other country in the world would require regulation of the social media.

“For years, activists in Southeast Asia warned Facebook that content on the platform could lead to real-life violence, Then it did” ( The World staff). Hence, it was proved that the social media could definitely lead to real life violence or violent situation. Quoting a real life example, “When a Buddhist woman went to her local police station in Myanmar to report she had been raped by two Muslim colleagues, a local monk shared the details to Facebook, causing outrage that escalated into real-life violence. For two days, the central city of Mandalay was gripped by clashes between Myanmar’s majority Buddhists and minority Muslims. Two people were killed and 19 injured. Authorities were able to reinstate peace only when Mandalay’s access to Facebook was temporarily blocked. But the story that spread across Facebook, mobilizing Buddhist rioters, wasn’t true. Five

people have since been convicted of spreading false rumors, including the alleged victim — who later said she had been paid to file the police report.” (Meaker). This is one of the extreme examples which proves that the non-regulation of social media can be extremely violent. This incident or we may say, this accident would have been avoided if the social media was properly regulated by the authorities.

Canadian representative Charlie Angus in a meeting on fake news held by Parliament’s Digital, Culture Media and Sport committee in London Nov. 27, 2018., said that .”We’ve never seen anything quite like Facebook where, while we were playing on our phones and apps, our democratic institutions, our form of civil conversation, seem to have been upended by frat boy billionaires from California.” He meant to say that the Facebook app, one of the many social media apps, is responsible for the people who are using social media apps against the democracy of country and inducing many other false ideas into the minds of the public. He said it because the social media is not properly regulated by the authorities. The period of unregulated “social media” must end. In any case, awful guideline could cause its own issues. Right now, is an ideal opportunity to have these talks before we end up with confused guidelines, and before it is past the point of no return. The nation over, at industry gatherings, on college grounds, and other open discussions, we earnestly need to edge and discussion these issues. So, social media regulation has become necessary now, as fake news and bad people often use it to manipulate minds of the public against the government, they can also spread terror  of some terrorist groups and what not.

We have come to the point that social media regulation is the savior and has many benefits but we cannot ignore the fact that it has some negative effects too which

persuade us, not to regulate social media. “Regulation can oppress unpopular opinions and stop important conversations” (Arnold). He is explaining here that the regulation of social media can be harmful in a way that if the authorities are corrupt then the minorities who are the victims to some bad happening will not be able to raise their voices as they will then be oppressed by the authorities who will be regulating the social media. As they will have control over the social networking site or app, they will be able delete the posts or even delete their accounts completely in order to oppress the voice of the minorities.

Coming to the conclusion, we may say that the regulation of the social media is necessary as it is a key component in battling the harmful content. The regulation helps the content that is not appropriate for the social media to be prevented from being posted on social media sites and apps. But we have also seen that there are a few worst effects and results of regulating the social media such as the voice of minorities regarding their rights and other being oppressed. However, we can not risk the world from being affected by the bigger risk which will be caused by the non-regulation of social media, while protecting a few which will be affected form the regulation being done by the wrong authorities. The best solution we can find is that the authorities should be verified through a proper channel which could verify that the authorities selected are rightful. Furthermore, there must be a further check on the panels which will be responsible for the regulation of the social media which will ensure that no one in harmed. Hence, we can conclude that the social media should be regulated in order to main peace and order in the world.



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