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Political terms

Political terms

    • Coalition-Two or more political parties combine to form a government when one party does not constitute the majority to do so.
    • Closure-Closing a debate in parliamentary bodies.
    • Caucus-A small group of leaders of a political party who control  its affairs.
    • Consuls-Commercial representatives of a government posted abroad.
    • Coup d’etat– Bringing down a government by the use of force.
    • Envoy-Rank below an ambassador, but in diplomatic mission all the same.
    • Fourth Estate-It applies to the press.
    • Theocracy-A state based on religion.e.g saudi Arabia.
    • Bilateral Agreement-An agreement arrived at between two parties.
    • Apartheid-Policy of racial discrimination practised in South Africa segregating the ‘Non-whites’.

  • Condominium-Joint rule of a territory by two or more nations.
  • Casting Vote-Deciding  vote of the presiding officer when there is a tie.
  • Deadlock-A stage making further negotiations impossible.
  • Attache-A person attached to an ambassador having special knowledge of military, cultural or commercial affairs.
  • Extradition-Handing over a fugitive to the country which wants him for trail and justice.
  • Egghead-A term used to describe the  more intelligent and thoughtful members of the population.



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