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Technology Trends that you should know about

Internet Of Things – IOT

The biggest of the technology trends that going to emerge in the very recent years is IOT. IOT is actually an idea that all of the devices can literally be connected to internet and of course to each other, making a perfect attachment between the digital and the physical worlds. How much you will be influenced by it actually depends on what your industry is.  For example if you work in marketing sector, it would provide you with a wealth of information of how the customers are engaged with the products just by tracking the interactions with the IOT devices. This wealth of information could then be used in optimizing the marketing campaigns.

Machine Learning

This is really exciting technology, this technology being called machine learning actually enables the computers and devices really learn by it by analyzing the patterns and data. And then adopting and taking decisions accordingly. In short it’s like putting a brain in the computers that lets them make decisions by themselves even in the changing environments. Let’s suppose the computer looks at your activities of what you actually like, what you share, what you see, and then it puts the prioritized content right in front of you based on its learning. Would that makes lives easier? Definitely YES, it will certainly make things very easy and comfortable for us.

Virtual Reality – VR

We used to watch videos and movies about the virtual reality and the way it used to be presented it seemed that it was a kind of a thing of a very distant future. It was already here since 1950s but it wasn’t as impressive as it was presented in the movies. But now with the advancement in the hardware and the programming it has almost achieved that level of virtual reality. This is going to have a very good influence on almost every field of life especially on the field of education. It will make learning very simple.


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